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Photographic Safaris, Biko Adventures Tours is a safari company that carries on photo safaris, family excursions to the wilderness areas of Tanzania and beach holidays to famous spice island of Zanzibar. We work with individual travelers, small groups and private guided safaris. 

We invite you, your friends and all your family to come to Tanzania and explore the treasures of this beautiful country; its wildlife and the warm hospitality of Tanzanian people. We give you an ample time to capture stunning images to last a lifetime and make wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Photography is best done from either a private vehicle or at the very least a vehicle of like-minded individuals who won’t move around at critical moments and who are also happy to be out before sunrise and back after dark. Photographic safaris tend to be most successful when you have control over the vehicle and where it goes. A guide who is a photographer him- or herself and who has guided photographers before makes a big difference in terms of positioning the vehicle correctly, getting the light right, and not wanting to head back to the lodge or camp simply because it’s breakfast time. If you can afford it, then it is definitely worth booking a private vehicle – for you (and your fellow photographers) – to ensure that there is no conflict of interests and that you are the master of your own photographic destiny. Things are considerably easier outside of the parks and game reserves where dangerous wildlife and safety are less of an issue, allowing one to explore and photograph on foot and at your own pace.


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