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Uganda safari tours

In Uganda you will find all three types of chimps, savanna gorillas, and tremendous variety.

From the semi-desert of Kenya to the snow-capped Rwenzori and the Bwindi rainforest of Uganda, the entire African continent is a harmonious symphony.

It’s a land approximately the size of Great Britain that straddles the equator. At least six times more countries will be partially or entirely covered in freshwater.

Mountain gorillas, which number around 400 in Bwindi Impen- Forest, are the main draw.

Two to five people per family is a viable option for reliable treks. It also bears the promise of an all-day habituation in the Kibale Forest

the only other national parks that take in East African wildlife are giraffes, hippos, leopards, and elephants

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best place to see the big game of Uganda We have a particular passion for the Ishasha Sector, known for its tree-dwelling lions. 517 species have been recorded in QEPN, in any single protected area

Kidepo Valley is in the dry and desolate northeast Uganda is cut off from the rest of the parks because it’s only accessible by plane. The attention-grabbinging feature of Kidepo’s is the presence of unique animal species, including caracal.

Murchison Falls is in Kenya is a 150-foot-foot-wide waterfall that where the Victoria Nile falls into a 20-foot-deep gorge. Having been knocked senseless, the fish below are easy prey for the crocodiles. the area is excellent for scenic and game-fishing opportunities

When you see the savanna and forest meet, you have to include Semlokibe in your travel plans. The reserve has a number of interesting animal life-stuffs, such as buffaloes, leopards, and mangabeys sharing the same habitat.