Tanzania Safari
Group Joining

Biko Adventures Tours organizes set departure groups for our clients to join other travelers on specific dates and seasons. We cover Kilimanjaro trekking and Safaris in Tanzania National Parks as you can see on our below chart.

Also feel free to contact us in case your dates of travel are not indicated on our chart as we can work out something good for your match.

We offer two types of Group Joining Itineraries on Safari, which are Budget Camping and Midrange, other than these we Taylor make private safaris as per your travel requests.

For Kilimanjaro Climbing we offer midrange Trekking only.

What do you share on a Tour?

– Safari Vehicles (On Safari we guarantee 6 forward facing window seats. Under some circumstances the 7th guest can seat next to the driver.  Our Safari Special  vehicles have pop up roofs for game viewing, equipped with the fridge and WiFi on board)

– Airport and intercity Transfers

– Hotel Rooms or Tents in case you are comfortable to share but if you want to stay in your own room, a Single Room Supplement (SRS) will be applied as indicated on our chart.

The benefits of a small group trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro are many as compared to climbing alone as seen below;

  • Significantly cutting down costs is important to you. When making a private tour, the entire cost will be on you.
  • Meeting new people amplifies your Trekking/Safari experience.
  • Great travel companion.
  • Have more activities and time.
  • You enjoy a group discount.

Join group trips are guaranteed to depart, regardless of the number of participants.

We offer maximum flexibility on the program you want, for the dates convenient to you, that means maximum enjoyment on your mountain trekking and/or safari, we will do our best to ensure we exceed your expectations by offering an outstanding experience!