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“It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Biko Adventures Tours Tanzania Limited”

Tanzania has a lot to offer in the tourism industry in terms of attractions steered by a stable political atmosphere. This assures me that we are capable of offering better services to our esteemed customers. The government is improving infrastructure to all touristic destinations and the wide variety of accommodation facilities available around the country are at a required standard and the International carriers landing in Tanzania on daily basis are increasing the best accessibility.

On safari we use 4WD safari special vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi for communication while on the field, driven by a knowledgeable professional driver-guide.

We are able to provide a better African Experience. As a Tanzanian, I am committed to promoting Tanzania as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations.

Being the Managing Director of Biko Adventures Tours I am committed to making sure that every safari participant has an outstanding trip with Biko Adventures Tours.

With Biko Adventures Tours our Clients safety is of paramount importance.

I once again welcome you to Tanzania, East Africa and Africa at large; we will take you to “Africa’s…best places to be”


Saitoti Sitton Saibull
Managing Director
Biko Adventures Tours Tanzania Ltd

MD’s Profile

Saitoti is based in Arusha Tanzania where he was also born and raised, he has spent enough time at school to acquire elementary education before joining the higher education institutions in the country. He schooled at Mzumbe University for Bachelor of Accounting and Finance in 2008, ESAMI HQ, Arusha Campus for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 2012 and later at PROTS in Arusha for a Professional Tour Guiding & Leadership course in 2019.

After some years of schooling and working, Saitoti is professionally competent in Strategic and Operations Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Accounting and Audit Administration, Financial Management and Reporting, Sales and Merchandise Management, and Human Resource Management.

After university and prior to engagement in the Tourism Industry, he worked in service, trading and mining sector for over 10 years. During all these years he had been involved in projects at various levels from site to the corporate level, thus contributed a vital input.

Saitoti has been a proven leader and a change manager who is self-motivated, flexible and committed to deliver the desired results, he has acquired organizational, management and analytical skills through the academic trainings and practical experience.

Conservation; Saitoti have been on the field in Tanzania National Parks namely Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park, Mt Kilimanjaro and Lake Natron the home of Oldonyo Lengai.

During this early years he had an interest in Flora and Fauna and this is what enthralled him to dwell in the tourism industry.

In addition to his general natural history experience, Saitoti specializes in the study of birds and Wild animals found in Eastern Africa especially Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.