Osiligilai Maasai Lodge is a spectacular, scenic eco-lodge that offers exclusive luxury coupled with unparalleled touch of Culture in the midst of Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru where Guests enjoy the Serene and vastness of the Maasai steppe and experience peaceful moments, extraordinary Rock Trees, awe-inspiring Sunsets and unsurpassed customized service by our Maasai staff.

Sitting quietly in the 20 acres, the Maasai Lodge is located near Ngabobo village in west Kilimanjaro and is only 15km from Arusha National Park. It is your excellent starting point before you go on Safari and or a place to relax and recover from Mountain climb.

Osiligilai Maasai Lodge features a fantastic Swimming Pool, Sauna, “warm your heart” Meditation Room, Bonfire Nights, authentic Maasai entertainment. On-site catering with Food options, Wines & Drinks, a Bar and 6 comfortable Maasai Bungalows with hand crafted furnitures – It is just one step out of your bed where Mount Kilimanjaro greets you with her snowy smile!

Things to do while your in Osiligilai Maasai Lodge

Day 1 – Arrival at the lodge
At the arrival you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly Maasai staff as they greet you with traditional Maasai dance and song. There will be served a traditional Maasai welcome drink before you will be guided to your private guesthouse built as traditional Maasai huts. Depending on time of arrival there will be time to relax by the pool and attend some of the daily Maasai activities at the lodge.

Day 2 – Get to know the Maasai better
In the early morning you can enjoy the amazing sunrise over Mt. Kilimanjaro from your bed. After breakfast you will take a nature walk with a Maasai guide in the surroundings area of the lodge. Your guide will share all insights of how the Maasai people live, what they eat, how they survive in nature and make use of natural herbs for both food and medicine. You will see the famous rock climbing trees, and pass a Maasai cave that has it own tradition and history. There is a small lake close to the lodge where the wild animals often will come to drink water in the early morning.
The naturewalk will last for 2-4 hours according to your own wish.

After lunch you can join the Maasai as they collect herbs for the traditional Maasai soup for tonight. This is a short walk, during which you will learn about the different plants that can be
eaten. You will also learn what plant not to touch or eat.

As an option to our nature walk it is possible to go for a longer and more active day trip to Mt. Mkuru. You will be leaving the lodge after breakfast where you will see the stunning view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and the endless Maasai steppe. You will bring a lunchbox and return to the lodge in the evening for activities and dinner.

  • At 5.30 pm it is time for the exciting spear throwing competition! Can you beat the Maasai and hit the wooden lion target with the Maasai spear?
  • At 6 pm you can enjoy a cold drink while the Maasai dance their sundown dance. Dancing between Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro is really a sundown you to remember!
  • At 6.30 it is time for MTV (Maasai TV). Together with our Maasai staff you will gather around the fireplace where you can taste the traditional Maasai BBQ which is goat. Listen to all their great stories and just enjoy the moment. They will tell you all about their way of living and traditions, and you will learn more about their countless traditions and ceremonies.

Day 3 – Visit a social project in Tinga tinga
To us it is very important to be to support Maasai community. After breakfast we will take you to visit the social project “Maasailand Development for Women and Children” in Tinga Tinga.
This is an 1 – 1,5 hour drive from the lodge. On your way to Tinga Tinga you will most likely be enjoying amazing various wildlife.

MDWC is running a pre-school and support the Maasai to establish an English Medium Primary school. We truly believe that education will give the Maasai children hope for a better future. During the visit you will be able to take part in the school activities and play with the children. The children really love to get visitors, and their beautiful smiles and trusting behaviour will make this a memorable day.

You will also visit the local women group, and see how they make traditional Maasai jewellery like necklaces and earrings etc. They will be happy to show you how to make their unique beads work.
This will be a full day activity, and you will be served lunch in Tinga Tinga. You will be back to the lodge before sunset.

Day 4 – Visit the local Maasai
After breakfast we will visit one of the local bomas! You will get to see how the Maasai families are organized and truly experience their daily activities and the women’s hard work.
You can assist in fetching water or herding the cows like a real Maasai.

All days you will be served:

  1. Breakfast 6 -10 am
  2. Lunch 12 – 3 pm
  3. Dinner 7.30 – 8 pm

Please note that activities and schedule is subject to change depending on seasonal variations.

Optional available activities:

You are most welcome!

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