We are pioneering organizing and encouraging good use of tourism, so we decided to support sustainable tourism, this brings welfare to the locals and doesn’t impact nature!

We organize tours that will take our clients off the beaten trucks as we do not support mass tourism. When we are on the field we leave the environment in it’s original state.

All the revenue we generate includes a certain percentage of our donation to the less privileged children and endangered species in our area.

One of the most significant transformations underway in travel today is the idea that we can have the trip of a lifetime while also caring for the local people and places that we visit.  Sustainability is not a trend, in that sense, but rather an evolution of travel – and Biko Adventures Tours is committed to being on the cutting edge of innovation in the global travel community. Travelers have more places to go and more ways to get there than ever before, and with that comes an even greater responsibility to safeguard the world’s cultural and natural treasures for future generations.

There were more than one billion international travelers last few year before the Covid 19 pandemic – we believe that this provides a billion opportunities to make the world a better place, and the way to get there is by embracing sustainable tourism best practices.

That is also why we shine a spotlight on how the preferred tour packages, hotels, tented camps, and other specialty partners in our network are changing travel in innovative and inspiring ways.

In addition, a growing volume of recent research studies, including by the World Travel and Tourism Council, indicates that travelers prefer companies that are committed to social good and green practices.

Biko Adventures Tours advisors can attest to this, as many report a rising interest in travel with meaning.