Safety facts for Mountain Climbing and Safari Tours

Biko Adventures Tours Mountain guides are trained to respond calmly and act quickly under all circumstances and will accompany you down the mountain or to the nearest lower camp as required.

Our guides know the mountain exceptionally well and its detailed network of shortcuts to get you off the mountain quickly and safely.

We use only the best equipment to ensure you receive the highest standard of medical and safety care.

Standard Safety Equipment used.
⦁ Pulse-oximeter: carried by the head guide as a diagnostic tool and measure of acclimatization
⦁ Hyperbaric chamber: a pressure altitude chamber also known as a Gamow bag
⦁ AED (Automated External Defibrillator) heart saving device
⦁ Oxygen kits: for emergency use only, not to supplement climbing
⦁ Medical stretcher: to assist with evacuation should the need ever arise and specifically designed to be used in the event of a helicopter extraction/ evacuation


Biko Adventures Tours is in strong partnership with Kilimanjaro Search And Rescue

Kilimanjaro SAR was established in 2016 as the first and only helicopter-based search and rescue company in Tanzania. Committed to save lives, Kilimanjaro SAR provides the most innovative and effective search and rescue service on Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Tanzania’s National Parks and runs the only High-Altitude Medicine Clinic in Africa. Kilimanjaro SAR holds a world leading response time in civil search and rescue companies of a 5- minute response after receiving a distress call.

Kilimanjaro SAR team is skilled and dedicated with its own High-Altitude Medical Clinic to providing emergency service in the most professional manner. the guides are well trained to call the emergency team of Kilimanjaro SAR for the quickest and safest descend through their helicopters.

The helicopter will pick you up from the designated area on the mountain, where the medical team will immediately start an in-flight medical treatment. Upon landing at KIA/Moshi Airport there will be transport, to take you to your hotel. If you require further medical attention upon landing, you will be taken to a modern private High Altitude Medical clinic ideal for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

From a mission planning to execution, the rescue team is highly trained to stay committed, no room for hesitation or error when it comes to saving lives.

Kilimanjaro SAR is working with travel insurance companies worldwide and the medical coverage MUST BE up to 6,000 meters (or above) above sea level.

Biko Adventures Tours recommends to travelers to read terms and conditions on their insurance documents and understand clearly on what has been purchased.

Biko Adventures Tours will collect all insurance details needed by Kilimanjaro SAR and submit to them before hiking.